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Benchmarks OLD

Input and results files for Pylith 0.8 Benchmarks.

Strike-slip (no gravity)

Pylith 0.8 Input

GeoFEST Input


Reverse-slip (no gravity)

Pylith 0.8 Input

GeoFEST Input


Reverse-slip (with gravity)

No Files

Savage and Prescott Simulation

Files necessary to run the Savage and Prescott benchmark using PyLith.

To keep the input files up-to-date with the most current version of PyLith, it is best to obtain the files directly from the Subversion repository. The repository contains the necessary input files along with utility codes to compute the analytical solution, as well as some figures showing computed results. The files may be obtained by issuing the following Subversion command:

svn checkout


Utilities used in constructing boundary conditions and analytic solutions.

Elastic Dislocation Solutions

Matlab scripts to compute analytical solution to elastic dislocation using Okada's solution.

Unified driver scripts

Okada-style test dislocation

Okada-style fault description: Base of fault, x0,y0,z0 = (0,0,10) km Strike = 0 (north) Dip = 90 (vertical) Rake = pure left-lateral slip Fault Length, m = 10 km Fault downdip width, m = 5 km (i.e., fault top is at 5km depth)

Surface displacement domain = +/- 50 km in both directions

So far: Okada, Johnson, Meade, old Pylith in halfspace

To do: Smith&Sandwell, current version of Pylith

Example ouput: None

Fourier Elastic Half-Space Model (Smith & Sandwell)

Computationally efficient solution to 3-D elasticity equations in the wave-number domain, followed by inverse Fourier transform to obtain space domain solutions. Bridget Smith and David Sandwell J. Geophy. Res., 2003. More info at:

The link address is:

Layered Elastic Models for Dislocation and Mogi Sources (Kaj Johnson)

Kaj Johnson's code using propagator matrices

The link address is:

Triangular Dislocations (Meade)

Brendan Meade's matlab scripts for uniform slip on triangular dislocations within an elastic halfspace. Meade, B. J., (2007), Algorithms for the calculation of exact displacements, strains, and stresses for triangular dislocation elements in a uniform elastic half space. Computers & Geosciences, 33, 1064-1075, doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2006.12.003

The link address is:

Poly3D (Stanford Rock Fracture Project)

Codes that require further work

We welcome any information on usage statements, procedures for compiling mex files, etc.

File Okada 1992 (Shinji Toda)

Shinji Toda's Okada code…. We tried to optimize them to matrix calculations to speed up (now much faster). What you need to use this is a set of his input parameters in a matrix…. …Here is an example…. [UX(:,1),UY(:,1),UZ(:,1),UXX(:,1),UYX(:,1),UZX(:,1),UXY(:,1),UYY(:, 1),UZY(:,1),… UXZ(:,1),UYZ(:,1),UZZ(:,1),IRET(:,1)]=Okada_DC3D(a(:,1),a(:,2),a (:,3),… a(:,4),a(:,5),a(:,6),… a(:,7),a(:,8),a(:,9),… a(:,10),a(:,11),a(:,12),a(:,13)); So you have to prepare a matrix “a” which has 13 columns. There is a global variable N_CELL in our code which tells the number of cell (number of row for “a” here) which can be inspected by “size” function though (we intended to share this variable with other codes for the moment). Please keep in your mind that this set of the converted functions might have some bugs or errors still although we tested many cases for Coulomb stress change calculations with our previous FORTRAN version and confirmed them OK so far. upload file

File Okada 1992 (Noah Fay)

tar of matlab scripts to generate the boundary conditions for the Strike-slip and Reverse-slip benchmarks, using Okada 1992 dislocation solution… These are re-packagings of Noah Fay's original script for the old benchamark bm5, see his bm5_analytic_README_2.txt for instructions… supply (x,y,z) locations of points (in meters), run StrikeSlip_ng.m or ReverseSlip_ng.m and it will generate a file called disp.out with (x,y,z,dx,dy,dz) in meters. Version 2: Improved memory management (Brad Aagaard, 2006-07-24). upload file

Maxwell Viscoelastic Solutions

Viscoelastic routines (Kaj Johnson)

Set of matlab codes describing surface velocities due to periodic slip on fault embedded within elastic layer overlying a viscoelastic half space. As of June 25th, some matlab scripts are missing.

The link address is:

Viscoelastic Deformation Model, Fourier Derivation

Smith & Sandwell's extension of their elastic code, also using the computationally efficient fourier derivations. Includes gravitational restoring forces. Requires vertical fault (correct me if this has changed). More info at


Quasi-static, layered spherical earth

The link address is:

Other Analytic Solutions

Lamb's problem (fortran)

Lane Johnson's code to solve Lamb's problem for canonical moment tensor sources in a half space. upload file

Example Journal Files for CUBIT

From the 2009 NMCDEF meeting in Golden, CO

Meshing example

Very short example of meshing a pyramid and displaying mesh upload file

Geometry test

Example of building geometrical shapes with merging, subtracting, moving, etc. upload file

Fault example

Example of building and meshing (coarsely) a region around a dipping fault patch upload file

Aprepro example

upload file

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